Our Team

Artistic Director & Co-Creator

Mijo Buiskool Price is an alum of the Lynden Christian High School theatre department, is currently pursuing her Theatre Education and Directing degree from Western Washington University. She has worked as an actor, director, stage manager and designer in various theatre organizations around the county.

Technical Director & Co-Creator

Spenser Stumpf is a long time Whatcom County theatre veteran, having appeared on multiple stages around the Bellingham/Lynden area since the age of 8. He is a talented actor, a fledgling director and aspiring chemist. He is currently pursuing a Chemistry degree from Western Washington University.

Resident Director

Julia LaFortune is a graduate from the Bellingham High School theatre department and is currently involved as an artist with The NEW Sylvia Center for the Arts in downtown Bellingham. She will be pursuing her studies in the fall at Western Washington University.

Stage Manager

Al Winter is a current student at Western Washington University, pursuing degrees in Psychology and Theatre Management. She has successfully managed many productions in the Bellingham area due to her proficient organizational and managerial skills.

Production team for Season Two

Director of The Final Hour

Mijo Buiskool Price

Assitant director

Madra Likkel

Director of Rose Bouquet

Julia Lafortune

Assistant director

Kennedy Rainer

Set Designer

Trevor Burden

Stage Manager

Al Winter


Cast for Season Two

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, we had such an amazing display of talent.