Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to come to both nights of auditions?

Heck no, techno! But you are more than welcome to come to both, we just will give priority to those actors who haven't read yet!

Do I need to prepare a monologue or something for auditions?

Nah, bros! We've got selections from our lovely plays for you to read from! Just come ready to cold read!

Do I need to bring anything to auditions?

Why yes! We would like to have a clear understanding of your conflicts for the rest of May and June! So bring your day planner! We're on a tight (but awesome) schedule and we want to make sure that we're all ready to go by the time performances role around!

You've been posting a lot of stuff about 20 year old actors. But I'm younger than that! Can I still audition?

Of course! When we post those details, we're talking about playable age ranges. If you're a 16 year old and you think you can play a 20 year old, come on down!

My son/daughter wants to audition! Do you have any roles for kids?

Unfortunately, not this year. But stay tuned! There might be something coming up for them next year!

Your company is called Clear Space Youth Repertory! I'm not exactly a youth, if you know what I mean...

Don't worry! We are casting age appropriately and we have a number of roles available for mature actors! Everyone is welcome.

Then how come you're a "youth" company?

Because all of plays are selected, designed and directed by students! We represent a variety of schools including Bellingham High School, Western Washington University, Whatcom Community College and Whitworth University!