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The Final Hour (Dave Carley and Glenda MacFarlane)

A contemporary drama about the complexities of war, The Final Hour provides a glimpse into the lives of five Canadian soldiers preparing to touch down in Normandy for D Day. It combines the horrors of World War II and the loving bond of those who experience that together in a moving and beautiful piece. This will be directed by Mijo-Buiskool Price with her assistant director Madra Likkel.

The Mystery of the Rose Bouquet (Manuel Puig)

MotRB combines a sweet and light tone with the topics of loneliness, life, and female friendship in this piece by Manuel Puig. In a hospital, a kind nurse learns that her seemingly frail patient is stronger than steel in more ways than one, and together they form a powerful relationship. With live musical interludes and visual art from femmes around the county, this show will highlight the power of femininity in our community. This production will be directed by Julia Lafortune, assistant directed by Kennedy Rainer.

Casting for Season Two

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, we had such an amazing display of talent.