Release of Press Video

Pleased to present your clear space season two preview.

Please purchase tickets and come visit us at the Claire Vg Theatre Wednesday, June 28 – Saturday, July 1.

Show Opening

Today is opening night! We hope you come and share this exciting evening with us.

After weeks of tireless effort our cast and crew is ready to present The Mystery of the Rose Bouquet and The Final Hour to you.

We are so excited to begin performances tonight, with live music from guests and a gallery of art that will be for sale by artists from all over the community.

Today is the big day. Don’t forget to buy tickets.

Art for Gallery

This season, Clear Space really wanted to explore the arts and discuss the gender spectrum. Therefore, as a part of Season Two we have invited artists to submit art for the stage in Julia’s show, The Rose Bouquet, and a gallery that will be for sale outside of the theater.

We cannot wait to present this art to you! For any questions about how you can become a part of this art walk contact Julia LaFortune via Facebook.

All art is due tomorrow, June 14.

This art is explorative – we called artists to create a piece that expresses their gender. This is personal expression, so we ask that the art is respected.